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Skin Ageing

The SKIN AGEING PROCESS is characterised by:
• a decrease in the skin’s hydration capacity
• an accompanying reduction of cell turnover
• a loss of elasticity and turgor
• the development of wrinkles
• a continous decline in the skin’s hyaluronic acid content, which means that the natural element of the extracellular matrix is then lacking

The SKIN AGEING PROCESS is caused by 2 factors:
CHRONICAL, INTRINSIC skin ageing due to:
– decrease in cell density
– decrease in collagen fibres
– decrease in elastic fibres
– decrease in hyaluronic acid
EXTRINSIC skin ageing induced by:
– harmful external factors (UV, smoking, environmental toxins, malnutrition, stress etc.)

Changes in the skin’s structure lead to

– dry, wrinkly skin together with a pale complexion with poor elasticity and tone
– Incipient dermal elastosis (fine wrinkles)

Typical changes in the skin and connective tissue with ageing

Muligheter for behandling:

Rynkebehandling med Botox
Rynkebehandling med Fillers(Restylane)
Liquid-Lifting / Kollagenstimulering med Sculptra™ eller Radiesse™
Hydforyngelse – Mesoterapie med hyaluronsyre og vitalstoffer